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Metaphysics Exhibitions Artists About Technology
Anne de Vries Anna K.E. Jack Strange Rubén Grilo Mélodie Mousset & Naëm Baron Florian Meisenberg Eddie Peake Spiros Hadjidjanos

For his exhibition at the Future Gallery Spiros Hadjidjanos collaborated with Metaphysics to create “The HD/VR Sculpture”.


“The HD/VR Sculpture–an evolutionary development originating from Hadjidjanos’ Network Sculptures (2010-2016) which incorporates the sine wave form and enables information particles to flow via material connectivity– is a conductor of digital data. It functions as an intermediate input path between two active end-points; the seemingly static bowed legs clandestinely transmit all information that passes from a computer to the destination, a VR headset. The HD/VR sculpture is a spatial portrayal of data in motion, a palpable representation of information we generally perceive as intangible. Donning the headset the viewer is transported to a chimeric virtual space, yet one element remains familiar, for the central virtual subject matter is the sculpture itself, replicated at various scales.”